Masthouse Press is officially a localized publishing atelier.

This ‘Atrium’ is the landing page or welcoming cultural foyer of/for that stated objective. The initial guiding idea & inspiration remains to purely encapsulate the (plural) philosophies or that (singular) Vision according to which one examines and approximates the good life. This web-domain weaves together philosophical thought and the written word to that limited aim.

“[F]or whenever I had taken in hand any Greek or Latin book, or had heard anything worth remembering, I used to jot down whatever took my fancy, of any and every kind, without any definite plan or order; and such notes I would lay away as an aid to my memory, like a kind of literary storehouse, so that when the need arose of a word or a subject which I chanced for the moment to have forgotten, and the books from which I had taken it were not at hand, I could readily find and produce it.”

— Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights, Preface

In which direction are we beginning to sail out?

To start charting a course, here is a quick outline of some of the “types” of services Masthouse Press will be able to provide:

I. Writing services

technical communication;
poetry, fiction, and novella-writing;
journalism & opinion;

II. Construction services

basic carpentry & masonry construction;
routine maintenance (pressure washing, lawn mowing, etc.);
simple household repairs (painting/plastering);
cabinet, carpet, and tile installation;
general labor (cleaning or moving);

III. Educational services

a teaching/learning institute;
tutoring and test preparation;
research & study;

IV. Bookkeeping services

accounting or book-keeping;
book purchasing/collection;
inventory & sales;
notarization (legal);
other office/organization;

And ‘there’ is our tentative horizon, with appropriate occupational licensure & general business liability insurance…

“[O]ut of the same storehouse, with these past impressions, I can construct now this, now that, image of things that I either have experienced or have believed on the basis of experience — and from these I can further construct future actions, events, and hopes; and I can meditate on all these things as if they were present. “I will do this or that” — I say to myself in that vast recess of my mind, with its full store of so many and such great images–“and this or that will follow upon it.” “O that this or that could happen!” “God prevent this or that.” I speak to myself in this way; and when I speak, the images of what I am speaking about are present out of the same store of memory; and if the images were absent I could say nothing at all about them.”

— St. Augustine, Confessions, Book X

The header image is: The Treasury of Atreus (interior) – Mycenae, Greece.

Photographed by: Roberto Scavino.